Sunday, September 03, 2006

Not online

Last week we moved to our new home! Unfortunately our internetprovider fucked up, so we won't be online for another 2 weeks...I'll update this blog as soon as I can!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Van Esch versus Meindersma

We re-used the old living room floor for the three bedrooms upstairs. The study and the babyroom were done by Van Esch & sons, and a few days later our bedroom was done by Meindersma & son. I admit I'm not really objective, but let me just say that from now on a big gap between two floorboards is called "a typical Van Esch" (it can also be used in a sentence like "let's just do a Van Esch, nobody will see this part of the floor"). It's only fair to say that making a huge hole in a closet to fit in a tiny electricitypoint is now known as "a Meindersma screw up"

Efficiency is not in the Van Esch vocabulary...

The Meindersma's had some difficulty with figuring out which way the floorboards had to be turned...

The living room

We added 5 cm to this wall (to fit in the kitchen), and replaced all the doors.

Our superhandyman Frank. It's like watching the A-team: give him some tools and he can built just about anything.

They say Polish labour is cheap, but we found out that Australian labour is free!! Aussie Kate hard at work.

Come on guys, the wall needs to be finished before dinner!

it's not finished yet, but it looks a lot better than before!

The kitchen part 2

This little man installed the kitchen all by himself in one day. Respect!

The heaviest and most expensive part of the kitchen...

And this is the endresult!!

We'll publish a definite before and after picture after we've moved in and the kitchen is actually used.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Tony's the man!

I never knew he had it in him, but Tony's got many hidden talents!
He knows his way around floors, electricity and ceilings. And he looks incredibly sexy too...

Who's at the door?

Corinne (Joke's mom) professionally renovated all five doors upstairs. She enjoyed it so much that she begged us to save the doors downstairs for her during her holiday in Italy. Sure mom!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

We don't like wallpaper!

The walls upstairs were all covered with very old and ugly wallpaper. It had to come off!! But who could we ask to steam off wallpaper when it's 33 degrees outside? You got it: our families! And of course Rosha, who has not turned down any requests yet (you go girl!)

The kitchen

Long live the internet: we put this kitchen up for sale, and 3 days later someone not only bought the kitchen but took it with him as well. All of it! Easiest job so far in the house was therefore removing the kitchen...

Kees finally got to use his latest toy. And he looked cute in his Big Bird outfit!

Watch and learn boys, this is how you get rid of a wall....

and this is the endresult: no wall, no kitchen. Excellent!

Come out of the chimney Santa!

This is what our fireplace looked like

Then Rutger went to work...

Tony always wanted to see the inside of a chimney

Marcel (a.k.a The Muscle) finished the job in no-time

Sunday, July 23, 2006

The jungle

This is the backyard. It's full of fruitbearing stuff, like an appletree, sea-bream shrubs & raspberry shrubs.


Well, this is the front of the house. It is not really that special.
We especially liked the layout of the groundfloor. Normally houses in Holland are long and small (the so-called 'pijpenla'), but this house is built in the breadth. And it's big for Dutch city standards: 140 m2

Thursday, July 20, 2006

when it all started

A few months ago in january 2006, we bought a house in Lunetten, Utrecht. It's from 1980. Finally on July 3rd we got the key. Ofcourse a lot of work needs to be done. It actually looked better with all the stuff from the previous owners removed!
Now we are stripping the inside of all old and ugly things, like the worn down floors and a cheesy eighties fireplace.
We'll post some pictures.